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"Life is all about how you deal with Plan B" --

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Paris “au pair” and the Alliance Française, then Paris Ile Saint Louis – Biarritz, Toulouse, Provence, Trouville, Strasbourg – France has always been a second home to me, since the age of 19, full of surprise and amazing food. And love. I was married to a Frenchman who once threw lavender flowers in my hair. Not surprisingly, my Ph.D. is in French Langauge and Literature, my MFA in Creative Writing. When  I combined French with Creative Writing, the result was a strange, eccentric bird of many origins and a collection of short stories called The Dali Code & Other Paris Stories. My heart is now permanently divided between Paris and Oregon.

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Wild Ocean Press is an independent publishing house founded in 2009 by Robert Yoder and located in San Francisco. He happily published my collection of short stories and now informs me I'm suddenly the best seller in the house, promoted and distributed by Small Press Distribution, Inc. out of Berkeley.
Wild Ocean Press

The Dali Code & Other Paris Stories

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After my Ph.D. I gathered more energy to work on my MFA at the University of Oregon where amazingly Ken Kesey, a graduate of the U of O and by then the famous writer of One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, wanted to teach a group novel writing class. I was in the class which spent a year, twice a week, working with Kesey at his place on the U of O campus. Later, Viking/Penguin published the book, Caverns, and People Magazine among others came to interview us. It is the elements of  detective writing in the group novel we created that so pleased me I decided to teach detective novel writing. And this, most especially, after working with the master  teacher Jim Frey  out of San Francisco, where he has also been mentor to the detective novel writer Cara Black.

    "Then what do you believe in?" Boyle wanted to know.
      Loach answered without pause. "I believe in poker," he said. 
     "Poker?" Boyle pulled his feet under him as though to rise. The
grin was still there but his wide orange brow was knotted in frustration."The card game?"
     "Poker," Loach affirmed.
     "I don't get you."
     "Poker.  As in plain old American five card stud.  Where the same rules apply to everybody. Where three of a kind beats a pair and a full house beats a straight and the Joker goes with the aces and flushes.  Poker. Where everybody gets the same number of cards I don't care who his daddy is or what kind of blood he has. That's what I truly believe in Boyle. Poker."

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"It's an Irish trait, to make a story grow in the telling."

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